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Emerald Hydrogen from Wastewater

Ammonia Recovery from wastewater

Ammonia capture and recovery was first pioneered by the ORGANICS GROUP in Hong Kong. Leachate with high levels of ammonia is treated using heat in a SMART flare. The first plants were for removal and destruction of ammonia. Now interest in recovering the ammonia has increased and several projects are underway to use the ammonia, not only for use as a fertilizer but also for recovering hydrogen.

With more than 300 projects related to the control of emissions, the Organics Group is well placed to offer bespoke services in all aspects of project development, from inception to completion and delivery.

Flares and Ancillary Equipment

If the quantity of biogas collected allows, the preferred solution for its disposal is energy production. However, under some circumstances, flaring of biogas is necessary as if it is released directly into the atmosphere, it acts as a highly toxic greenhouse gas.

Organics offers several options for flaring to ensure maximum environmental protection, and our engineers have worked in some of the most demanding environments around the globe. Please contact us for more information of if you have any questions.

Fuels for the Future

Recovering ammonia from wastewater is an additional step in the treatment of wastewater. This step results in a more thorough treatment of the wastewater, and also in the recovery of elements that can be usefully employed.

Once recovered, ammonia can be safely transported to the point use and either be used directly as a fuel or be subjected to further treatment (cracking) to produce hydrogen.

This not only reduces operational costs, increases bottom-line profit but also contributes towards the movement towards the circular economy.

Engineering our Environment


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