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Thirty years of engineering excellence

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Design and installation of small-scale pyrolysis for the production of biochar and space-saving in landfill sites.

Cutting-edge technology to transform waste into a valuable resource. Pyrolysis produces biochar and can save space in landfills, paving the way for sustainable growth. 


Building on experience, ammonia from wastewater used as a basis for hydrogen harvesting and use.

Design and manufacture of equipment to recover hydrogen from wastewater. The use of SMART flare technology permits the supply of a reliable heat source.


Several ammonia plants installed on landfill sites. With each iteration, a significant increase in efficiency achieved.

Removal of ammonia from wastewater led to innovative engineering to recover the ammonia for use as a fertilizer or power generation. 


Anaerobic digestion of wastewater from a variety of processes including cassava and palm oil mill effluent.

Expansion of company activities to encompass anaerobic digestion and carbon reduction. Supply of equipment, including efficient flares for control of biogas emissions. 


Small scale pyrolysis used to destroy difficult waste in a controlled manner.  

Changes in waste management techniques involving the destruction of waste using pyrolysis and gasification and improvement in process efficiency.


First ammonia removal and destruction plant using heat installed in Hong Kong.

Commencement of fabrication and supply of equipment for the removal and destruction of ammonia from wastewater using recycled heat for thermal destruction in a SMART flare.


Power generation using landfill biogas as a unique fuel source. Converting methane to a resource.

Growing awareness of environmental consequences of unchecked waste management techniques. Use of landfill gas in power generation (waste to energy) Implementation of consultancy services.


Explosion in a house caused by landfill gas migrating from a landfill site. Control of landfill gas.

Dramatic realisation that the migration of landfill gas caused environmental problem. Commencement of fabrication and supply of landfill technology, mainly flaring and landfill gas control systems.


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