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Design Data Information

In this section, please provide us with as much information about the feedstock characteristics as possible, including waste type and source.
Principal waste type (chicken litter, pig slurry, etc)
Please provide details of the principal waste source

Fuel and Heating Options

This section is intended to get an idea of the options that could be available for ensuring that the proposed plant can be adequately fuelled.

Permitting and Permissions

Please provide details of the type of permits, permissions or environmental standards that must be adhered to.
Which standard apply (BS, ASME, TUC…)

Schedule and Programming

Please indicate the preferred route to service acquisition.
Please advise as to the options available for provision of services

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Biogas Utilization Options

Anaerobic Digestion is not only a tried and tested technique to treat organic waste material and prepare it for conversion to a usable format, it also results in the production of biogas that can be used in a variety of ways. Potential revenue streams include:
Please provide any other information or options that may be available for using biogas
Please provide us with any other details of comments that you consider may assist in being able to provide you with as complete an initial appraisal as possible.

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